Ion Products

Wireless security has now overtaken hardwire systems as the leading installation choice by security professionals in residential and light commercial. The most objectionable part of this to the homeowner is that installations are done with bulky surface mounted sensors that are obtrusive to look at and design around. Ion has designed innovative solutions to combat this with our line of concealed wireless sensors.


iON first developed the Micra® as a solution for builders who wanted to not only have wireless security sensors hidden from view, but also to avoid the high cost of pre-wiring every window and door. At the first showing the product at ISC West in Las Vegas, Ion won the “Judges Choice Award” for best new product in the Residential new products showcase.


The Plunger has been developed using the same patented technology as the Micra but adapted for use with a door. It’s unique patented Plunger style is designed to be installed on the hinge side of a door keeping it completely out of sight while not requiring any drilling or setting of a magnet in or on the door. The Plunger remains completely hidden from view and unable to be tampered with. The true beauty of the door is now appreciated instead of looking at an obtrusive surface mounted sensor.